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Project Description

CleanAct is the next generation tool for system maintenance written and designed using the latest of Microsoft .NET technologies. It is designed to be extensible and stable for use in both consumer and commercial environments.

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CleanAct 1.0 Planned Editions

There are currently 2 commited editions and 1 pending edition. Each edition will use the same core code, but contain different methods to manage the system. Future editions are planned for a wider range of requirements.

CleanAct Home Edition

The home edition will install as a background service on a local computer and will contain all management functionality via a local user interface. The background service will be the same as other installable editions, but will not be configured for remote management.

CleanAct Corporate Edition

The corporate edition will contain a MMC Management Console that will allow full remote management of all client computers and remote install capability. There will be an extensive configuration capability for custom cleanup tasks and schedules for admins to play with.

CleanAct OnDemand - still being determined

WindX Protocol

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