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May 13, 2007 at 6:35 AM
The WindX Project was originally founded in ‘06 by the chief programmer and designer, Thomas Yates. Thomas provides the vast majority of the programming and technical aspects of this project and he remains responsible for the majority of its development.

Soon after the program began to take form, Thomas enlisted my help in the project. Originally, he came to me for graphical design and product documentation, but due to my then ever-impending educational coursework, practically nothing became of my involvement in the project.

Now that I have graduated, he has once again approached me to assist in the project. Most of my help thus far has consisted of brainstorming in basic program functionality, but in the future, I plan on designing and creating a full GUI for the program. Obviously, I am now also a part of the online development and support for the project on this site. Thomas wants me to act as administrator to his wiki due to my past experience in forum-based communication. He also wants me to become a sort of spokesperson and link between his programmer mentality and you guys. While I can speak (or type, as the case may be) in very professional terms, and in fact he will be requiring that of me very soon, I thought it’d be quite... human of me to include a little personality in the discussion section of this site.

Please feel free to add to the discussion of this project. We want your opinions and ideas.
May 14, 2007 at 5:26 AM
My name is Thomas Yates and I am the project manager for WindX (Now known officially as CleanAct). I started CleanAct as a project to help people I know easily clean their computers. I have been working with computers through all stages of development of Windows. I was there for DOS, DOS /w Midnight Commander (or similar), Windows 3.1, 95, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and now Vista. I started programming web sites at age 11 (Unfortunately I never knew of other than BMP files <__>). From there, I went on with very basic C language. By the time I was 16, I dabbled in at least 29 languages/variants. I understand logic as a common language (and apply in real life :) as well as how software should be for the end user experience through trial, error, research documents, and even the concepts behind Microsoft XP Design. Programming is but a hobby of mine, as I prefer to work in the field of networking and home automation. I continue the drive for WindX/CleanAct because of a wish to help people clean up their computers effectively and freely. Just as antivirus software has a database for virus definitions, I want one for locations and rules for cleaning up the Windows Registry, File System, and other components in an easy to use system for the end user/company. My overall goal is to make CleanAct the most efficient cleaning product for not just Windows, but also Linux/Unix, Mac, and other operating systems. I know over time even other systems build up used space that can be cleaned. If anyone reading this post knows programming for other systems, please help contribute to the CleanAct suite.