Future of WindX

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May 6, 2007 at 4:52 AM
It has come to a time to realize the future of WindX. I have put together an example for the future goal of the application.

First off, WindX is going to remain the inside code name for the project. the official name of the WindX version 3 sub-project will be CleanAct. If you feel this name does not do the project justice or have an idea for a name, please share it. Also, I would like to invite people to join in and help with the new project. There is a lot to acomplish and the source will be applied onto the page very soon. I need people to help with internal coding, TCP Protocol command system, and other components. CleanAct (WindX) will remain open source for the enterprise community to share and build upon. If you have any tips or advice, Please help out by sharing ideas in the features for the issue tracker.