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Contributor Information

If you would like to join the WindX team, you must understand the basic rules for the project. These rules are important to the success and uniformity of the project and it's entirety. BREAKING these rules will result in dismissal of the team until a formal agreement is resigned.

Levels of Contribution

  • Bug Tester - Help us by purposely trying to crash the program and submit information to the developers for fixes via the Issue Tracker
  • Sound Designer - Help design sounds for program events such as:
    • During Clean/Scan
    • Program Start/Exit
    • Menu Events
    • And More...
  • Graphical Designer - Help design icons, logos, and other visual items for the WindX Project.
  • Plug-in Designer - Help research and design plug-ins for popular programs such as FireFox and Microsoft Office.
  • Cleanup Researcher - Help Locate safe methods and places to clean up in Windows XP.
  • Code Engineer - Help develop and improve the code designs for the system.
  • Documentation Writer - Help record information for help files and/or module "Info"
  • Coordinator - Help coordinate the team for the development of WindX to keep on schedule, plan and assign tasks, and handle other various duties
  • Forum Moderator - Help manage the forums by requesting and responding to posts made by the developers and users.

Contribution Rules

  • No plagiarizing content from other sources
  • No modification to system code that violates the following principles:
    • Modules and Plug-ins should be considered plug-ins to the system core.
    • Modifications that take personal information from the user without their consent.
    • Modifications that inject malware or place Ads into the application core.
  • Drastic code modification without the team consensus, unless code is reorganized (without modification) or split into multiple modules to make reading easier.
  • No removing of another contributor’s work without consulting the contributor first, unless guided by the coordinator.

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