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Plug-in Based Framework

Plug-ins for WindX fall under two categories
  • Active Plug-ins - Work in the background providing tools to extend the possibilities that WindX provides. These plugins allow more features to be added to WindX from outside sources.
  • Passive Plug-ins - Work when the computer is being cleaned for the registry and/or files. These plugins allow developers to make modules that clean their programs without having to make a seperate tool.

Plus, when the tools are WindX Certified, It requires no outside ActiveX controls to operate. This means that the tools can be run from a USB based drive in a corporate environment.

Built-In Modules

Modules are loaded just like a plugin. They are contained inside the executable, but allow the program code to be simplified into an all plugin based system. The code tricks the main interface into thinking the modules are external, but in reality they are not.

Although this increases code, it simplifies debugging and processing when the code is only called when needed.

Built-In Tools

  • File/Folder Shredder (Under Development) - Allows secure removal of files by clearing them after writing bad information to the files many times. If you have very sensitive information, this tool will be a good solution because there will not be a recovery method after shredding the file(s).
  • Windows XP Key Recovery - used when you forget your key for Windows. If you loose your sticker, this tool could help you if there is ever a need to reinstall Windows XP

Certified Plugins

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